I somehow landed in Tanki Flip, a small neighborhood on the island of Aruba. Landed as in I am here to stay, meaning I moved to Aruba from Texas some seventy-two hours ago. Google describes Tanki Flip as a village on the island of Aruba. Nothing more is said about it other than that.

Google got it right to some degree. Tanki Flip is a village of sorts, albeit in the middle of a bustling paradise. All of the roads are dirt roads. There are chickens running about. My neighbor brings the catch of the day. Many things around my house run very much like a small island village. There is even a rather large abandoned boat a stone-throwing distance from my porch. I think her name is Elena or Eleanora or something similar. All the men in the neighborhood gather around this boat to drink. If you do some digging around, you will find out Tanki Flip also happens to be an archaeological site, hence the inspiration for the heading I gave this blog.

I never planned to move to a “village” on a tiny island in the south Caribbean, so far away from home and closer to Venezuela than anyplace else. It just happened one day. After many years of hard work, the road finally opened and took me out to sea, some 2,196 miles away from home. Bon Bini. Welcome to Aruba. You are invited to stay for a while. I suppose that I was both brave and foolish enough to accept the offer. So here on this blog I have a carved out some space to collect, share, and preserve all that I discover in my strange new island life. It is also a place for me to stay connected to family and friends back in the States. Airline tickets home are very expensive!


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  1. Emma @ Expat Focus


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    Kind regards,


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  2. Tammy from Dos Libras

    We live on a sailboat currently in Puerto Rico but with plans (written in sand at low tide) to head your way. It would be really cool to meet up if we stop in Aruba. I am also from Texas… if you need a fix, I probably will to by the time I reach your rock.



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